About Us

Welcome to Cute Yorkies Homes Sales!! We conceit ourselves in providing an innovative way of corresponding families with companion pets. Cute Yorkies Homes is a concept that advances from commercial breeders who run large-scaled puppy stores. We identify first-hand through personal experience with our four-legged friends that there is a profound connection between animals and humans because of the loving interaction that is present in relationship to each other. We disagree with the commercial breeder’s process and believe strongly that we must be devoted and responsible for ensuring that each healthy cute puppy matched to their ideal family.

Here, we bring a variety of cute teacup puppies and toy breed puppies for sale. If you don’t see what you want, please let us know, kindly contact us with our email! We can provide you a special puppy that sort your specifications!

All our dogs are born, raised and live in our house as a part of our family, kenneling dogs is against our philosophy of dog ownership. Our hounds have 24 hours a day access to the one acre-big securely fenced back yard via a dog door and they all live as one pack. That’s why, when breeding, we pay close care to producing friendly and happy puppies with easy going characters. Health issues are of supreme importance for us too and we do watchful health assessment of our breeding stock that includes DNA testing for breed-specific syndromes.

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